Advanced Directives & Living Wills

Advance Directives are written instructions, such as living will, durable power of attorney for health care, health care proxy, or do not resuscitate (DNR) request, recognized under state law and relating to the provision of health care when the individual is incapacitated and unable to communicate his/her desires.

As a provider of outpatient services, it is the general policy of the operating room that all patients are to be granted the benefit of resuscitative efforts in the event of a cardiac arrest regardless of the underlying disease and circumstances. Canyon Surgery Center recognizes that despite careful explanation of the facts and principles of therapies utilized in the operating room some patients may insist on the continuation of their Do Not Resuscitate ("DNR") status into the operative setting. Patients who wish to continue their DNR status into the operative period must go through an informative process with the anesthesiologist and surgeon discussing the resuscitative options available during the operative period. The physicians will document the discussion with the patient as well as the patients particular wishes for resuscitative options during the operative period.

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