Billing & Insurance


We will verify your insurance benefits for outpatient services and review that information with you prior to your procedure. We will then quote you an estimate of your financial responsibility. Any required copayments, deductibles or non-covered services are due at the time of your admission. For your convenience, we accept cash and most major credit cards.

As a courtesy, we will also bill your insurance when provided with the necessary information. You may contact our billing department with questions regarding our fees, or the benefits provided by your insurance.

Financial Responsibility

As the patient, you are ultimately financially responsible for services rendered by our facility. The estimate provided to you is preliminary and subject to change based on the services rendered. Please note that after your insurance has remitted payment, you are responsible for your account balance.

If you are unable to pay in full, our billing staff will be pleased to discuss payment options. We strongly encourage you to contact us prior to your procedure if financial arrangements are necessary.

Understanding Your Charges

Here is a brief explanation of the possible charges which you may receive following a surgery:

Surgery Center

You will be billed for the Canyon Surgery Center staff and equipment required for your procedure. Questions and payments regarding your Canyon Surgery Center bill should be addressed to our Billing office.


Your procedure will be performed by your personal physician. Since your physician is not an employee of the Canyon Surgery Center, you will be billed separately for his/her services. Any questions pertaining to your physician’s charges should be addressed to your physician’s billing office.


If you receive services from an anesthesiologist you will receive a separate bill for these services. Any questions pertaining to your anesthesiologist’s charges should be addressed to the anesthesiologist’s Billing office.

Other Charges

Depending on your particular procedure, you may incur additional charges such as Durable Medical Equipment (crutches, braces, etc), lab fees or services performed at other facilities. Questions regarding these charges should be directed to the respective facility or provider.