Arthur Tallis, MD

Dr Aurthur tallis

Dr. Arthur Tallis heads up HOPE's team of podiatric clinical trial experts. He has an exemplary 20+ year history as Principal Investigator, surgeon, instructor, and clinician here in the Valley. As a registered podiatrist and board-certified foot and ankle surgeon, Dr. Tallis' experience and reputation have won him Valley-wide recognition as a leader in the wound care industry.

Dr. Tallis works among the indigenous Indian populations of Arizona, he has led the podiatry residency program at the Baptist Hospitals and Health Systems hospital network, and he volunteers as a surgeon and clinician for poverty stricken peoples in Central America. He was appointed by two different governors to sit on the State of Arizona Board of Podiatric Medical Examiners and served as such for 10 years,

Dr. Tallis is a fellow in the American Professional Wound Care Association, and has been among the top enrollers and widely supported by pharmaceutical industry leaders for podiatric clinical trials. Dr. Tallis and his team are all NIH certified for the conduct of clinical studies.