Mary Benjamin-Swonger, DPM

Mary Benjamin Swonger DPM
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Mary K. Benjamin-Swonger, DPM, is a double board-certified podiatric physician and surgeon with over 23 years of experience who treats patients of all ages and is able to accurately diagnose and treat their foot, ankle and lower leg concerns at Foot + Ankle Specialty Centers with locations in Gilbert, Scottsdale, Chandler, and Phoenix, Arizona. She believes that educating her patients to better understand their diagnosis and treatment plan helps to not only improve their outcome but provides a higher quality of care and relationship.

Prior to joining Foot + Ankle Specialty Centers, Dr. Benjamin-Swonger was with Steward Medical Group. Although she enjoyed her time there, she prefers private practice to corporate medicine. Prior to moving to Arizona in the fall of 2016, she owned and operated multiple podiatry offices throughout Ohio and was staff physician at the local wound centers. Dr. Benjamin-Swonger was instrumental in developing the surgical residency program at Joint Township District Memorial Hospital in St. Mary’s, Ohio.

Dr. Benjamin-Swonger enjoys soccer and was a competitive player. She has coached multiple teams over the past 15 years. In her spare time, she remains busy with her four children and enjoys scrapbooking and the outdoors.